Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Stamp Release: Yuletide

Happy Monday Everyone,

Well we don't seem to have lost the sun completely it's popping up every now and then.

We have had a busy few days in the shop getting some new stamps ready, if you haven't been in we have also had a bit of a reshufty in the shop, which has really opened it up.

Today is Monday which means we have a NEW stamp release for you

 Yuletide is the Bee Crafty range of Christmas Stamps and we have started off with 3 gorgeous designs that are going ot be so useful for all of your Christmas Projects, whether you are making cards, pages or altered projects for gifts there is sooooo much you can do with this great range

Also the Sunday Craft Club is on THIS SUNDAY so why not pop in, you can book online here

Thanks for Looking

Bev x

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ooooh research Trip

Good Evening All,

Well it's been another gorgeous but VERY hot day today locally and  because it was sooo gorgeous Julie and I decided to go on alittle research trip. Stamps such as the BEAUtanicals are inspired by real things in nature not cartoony or illustrated (wait for it though they are on their way)

So today we went out looking for NEW inspiration for the BEAUtanicals whch involves taking loads of photos and the breaking them down to find the best images. Well we are lucky enough to live only a few miles from the cotswolds and this morning we went to see the lavender fields.

Me and Julie took loads of photos as especially with the bright sunlight you can never see how good/bad they are till they get loaded and then you get distracted by other close ups

So here is a few more we took and as always if you have any ideas of stamps you'd like make sure you let us know via the facebook page or email

Bev x

Monday, July 23, 2012

IT's Monday ANNNND It's SUNNY!!!

Good Afternoon Crafters

How are you all, well partial sanity has returned, I have had my Bee Crafty laptop returned to me, which means I can do things again WHOOP WHOOP!!!

So my first port of call is saying howdy hoo to all of you and showing you this GORGEOUS!! new addition to the Banksy Range

Slide & Bubbles

Isn't she just a bit fab, she is available online to order right now.

This is an incredibly versatile stamp in A7 size that is useful for birthdays, etc for cards, scrapbook pages for girls (or bubbles) and is a really useful addition to any any art journalling collection.

You can see all the Inspired by Banksy collection online or in store

Great to chat to you again

Bev x

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning with Leonardo....

Da Vinci of course...

So it's Monday again and that means one thing.....another Stamp Release from Bee Crafty.

Without question Leonardo created some of the most talked about works of art in the world, having already brought the Vitruvian Man, The Horses Head and his famous wings to you in the form of stamps we move on to the next

Leonardo had a bond with the drawing of a horse, capturing the power in every one of his works that had any part of the horse within it.  A great stamp for use in cardmaking, art journalling and scrapbooking.

I think this image is just beautiful, so classic and I think you really get that feel of hand-drawn with it even though you would be stamping it, once again great for card making, scrapbooking and art journalling.

Lastly but by no means least..

The Da Vinci Script

A stamp made from an example of his own writing, giving any project that aged feel with it's perfected swirls and equal letters.  A fantastic addition to any stamp collection working well in any collaboration from the da vinci range or any others you may have.

Am going to go and get messy with them now.

Hoping you like them as much as I do

Sam xxx

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Monday Stamp Release: Yes I know

Good Afternoon Crafters,

Yes I know it's not Monday, but as Bev has galavanted off and had her little girl I am losing track of the days :)

This weeks stamp release is NEW additions to the fabby Backdrops.

Which means not only is there new gorgeously useful backings but that they are available in both positive and negative.

There are 3 new selections (which means 6 stamps in all)

This is the the ink on water positive which is just yummy

The backdrops have proven to be really popular with you all for all sorts of crafting projects, from ATC to Art Journal, cards to scrapbooks so we hope you'll find these new additions as usefull as the original Backdrops selection.

Thank You

Julie x

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

UKS Blog Hop: Memory File Scrapbooking @ Bee Crafty

Welcome to the Bee Crafty Blog

If you are visiting from the UKScrappers Sponsor Blog Hop you may have come here from Bebebubu. After commenting (and BE SURE TO MENTION YOUR UKS USER NAME in your comment) hop on to Being Scrappy. If you lose your way, hop to the UKS post to see the whole linked list.

Be sure to reply in that thread when you complete the hop!

Memory File Scrapbooking

1 A4 Filer Folder or A3 scored in half

4 x A4 Co-ordinating Cardstock – 2 in one colour and 2 in another

2 Co-ordinating 12x12 Patterned Papers

2 x A4 White

Distress Ink Pads of co-ordinating colours

Blending tools

Foam Mat

Pokey Tool

Binding string/thread/cord

Chipboard Coasters

Firstly round off the corners of the file folder
Score one piece of 12x12 in half and round the corners – this will be the centre piece of your file.

Out of your 4 pieces of Co-ordinating cardstock – take 2 pieces of the same colour. These are going to go on the inside of the file so you may want to trim them to leave a margin – round the corners on these also.

Now is the time to get MESSY!!!! Everything we have cut and scored so far needs that magic “inked” effect – this can be to your taste and preference. I did this on a Teflon mat to get that blended look using the Blending tools

Using the tape – stick the inside covers on and then place the 12x12 scored piece inside the file – the score lines together. Using your pokey tool pierce (on the foam mat) at 1” intervals through the score line on both – if you do them both at the same time the binding will be easier. Once you have completed this sew them together using your chosen material. I used beading cord.

Cut another piece of PP at 5”x12” and adhere to the centre line (inside of 6x12 fold) to make a pocket. Stick down one long side and the 2 short sides.

To cover your stitching on the outside use a strip of PP and fold around the edges and adhere – make sure it’s inked to match though.

So now we have the basic folder made.

Using your Patterned paper make 3 pockets to be placed at intervals through the file.

Using the other card, you choose which colour, make tags to go inside the pockets, I used a die cut shape to make a tag topper or perhaps shape them like an actual tag. Again make sure you are inking this all to match the rest of the file. You could also embellish this with ribbon or buttons dependant on the recipient.

Inside the Front Cover I have inked and stencilled a CD holder (card) and using the spare cardstock made tags to fit inside.

Using some lighter weight paper (perhaps from your scraps drawer) Approx A5 size – score in half Top to bottom (portrait) and then into 3 the other way. This should concertina into a smaller rectangle now. Once again – ink it up! Die cut 2 shapes of your choice ( I’ve used Chipboard Coasters) and adhere to the front and back of the piece you have just scored. This is now a small mini book which you can adhere into the file at a point of your choice. You could use ribbon and a button to create a closure.

Insert this into the centre pocket

Also in this pocket I created a DL size card and inked and stencilled it and placed inside.

That’s it just poking out on the right hand side.

Inside back cover

Using 4 Large Brown Tags

Heavily ink them and then at make 3 of them gradually smaller in length than the others. Heavily ink them and adhere inside the back cover.
I have also used a Bee Crafty Banksy stamp.

Adhere them together and stick (portrait) into the back cover of the file.

This project is very easy to personalise and is a great way to scrapbook without having the pressure of a bigger scrapbook. Perhaps you are creating a memory file for one event that doesn’t require a whole scrapbook – this is the perfect way to do that.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Morning Campers!!!

Just wanted to let you all know that todays stamp release will be delayed unfortunately, this is unavoidable as the wonderful Beverley (my baby sister) is taking a few days to become a mummy for the second time.

I'm sure you all understand and I will of course update you all as and when I can.

Lots a love

Sam xxx
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