Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Good Afternoon Bee Crafty'ers

After the popularity of our kit last week Julie has been busy putting together a new one.


1 Hero Arts Robot Stamp

1 pack (5) Scallop On the Edge Cards by Craftwork Cards

3 x A4 Coloured Card

12x12 Coloured Card

2 x A4 Backing Papers

Blips & Beeps ~ Control Panel

Blips & Beeps ~ Robot Stripes

Blips & Beeps ~ Robo Boogie

Blips & Beeps ~ Gear Grid

Blips & Beeps Gear Die Cut

3 x Die Cut Cogs

3 x Buttons

3 x Eyelets

2 x Gem Brads

2 x Brads

2 x Mini Wooden Pegs

1 x Bottle Cap

1 x Swirly Clip

1 x Wire

Assorted Ribbons: Green, Red & Blue, Blue& Green, Grey Blue

As with the last kit there are a limited number available so if you would like one order as soon as possible they are available on the BRAND NEW Bee Crafty Kits Section of http://www.beecrafty.co.uk/

The NEW Class schedule is also proving to be really popular and we can't wait to see you all old and new faces alike so if you want to join us don't me afraid of being a NEW face as we already have quite a few newbies either just coming to Bee Crafty or jus starting out with their new hobby.

Thank you for having a read please let us know if there is anything you would like us to do or if you would like to ask shop@beecrafty.net or even just ask on the Bee Crafty Wall on facebook

Bev x

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just A Quickie......

.....to let you know the card kit from the May 11th  post has now sold out.

We will however be posting a new one later today.....Yayyyy

Julie-Ann xx

Sunday, May 15, 2011

June Classes

Good Evening Bee Crafty Followers,

I hope you have all had a nice weekend, on Friday I promise details of the NEW Craft Class schedule that we put together last week, I have posted a piccie of the schedule on to Facebook but it is now loaded onto the website ready to book .

And we have added a range of Create A Card Classes that are 1 hour long sessions that are ONLY £3 on a range of different topics PLUS there is also word Hangers, Decorated Notebooks etc. This £3 includes all you will need to complete your project all you will need to bring is you, and at only £3 each you can brings some friends :)

The New Workshop schedule includes both Morning and Afternoon Classes
and also classes on Saturdays

One of these is using the beautiful Tres Chic Range by Craftwork Cards to decorate a wooden framed mirror, to complete this is longer than an hour and is on Saturday 25th June and only £10

including Handmade Paper Roses

You can find all of the workshops online on the Crafting Classes Section and are bookable online and you can pay via PAYPAL or the HSBC Secure Server or you can of cours pop into our fabby Warwickshire Shop to book in.

Bee Crafty
Smallbrook Business Centre
Waterloo Road Industrial Estate
Bidford on Avon
B50 4JE
01789 778074

Bev x

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Card Kits & Fruit Scoop

We have been very busy at the Hive this wek, trying to get the shop and workshop space looking prim, proper and blooming gorgeous, (well Julie & Debs have) I have been as is usual plugged in to my laptop, posting on forums, updating the website and generally catching up with all the things from when I was off last week (PaperWork Bllleeeeuurrgh)

Julie was very busy whilst I was away and has made up several excellent value kits for
Card Making,

These kits are great value you and include a book, all the decoupage sheets featured inside, backing papers, double sided tape and a glue stick for only £10 (the book alone retails at £8.25)

There is a limited number of these sort of kits available, which are available in store b ut I will try and get them on the website too (and as there is FREE P&P until 31st of May you could grab an extra bargainours bargain)/

We are putting together a Workshop/Class list for the next couple of months and have decided instead of the long workshops we will be running hour long Making Sessions more often where we complete a card or small projects or for example perfect our ProMarker Skin.

If there is anything in particular that you would like to see  on our lists please contact us, also if you have a group that would like to visit or would like us to visit please get in touch as we are happy to run Make & Takes and Offers.

It's also been a fabby day for new products, we have had the awesome Fruit Scoop Collection from Craftwork Cards, with rich bright Fruity Colours and softer Sorbets, the patchwork style embellishments can be used for all sorts of cards, pages and projects and the Petal 1 Template is great for inking masking and drawing around.

The quickest way to keep up with Bee Crafty News and events is to join us on our Facebook Page which is where I post first about Bee Crafty.

The NEW Bee Crafty Challenge is up and running you can follow the link on the website. It runs all month long and you can win a £25 Bee Crafty Goody Bag

Any questions, advice or general chit chat feel free to get in touch with us
01789 778074

Bev (& Julie)


Shop is open Mon - Sat 9.30am - 5.00pm
1st Sunday of the Month 11am - 4pm

Monday, May 09, 2011

Holidays and Craft Space

Good Afternoon Bee Crafty'ers

How are we, well it's finally rained here in beautiful Warwickshire, had to be done otherwise we were destined to become a desert people :).

I (Bev) have been away for the last week in beautiful (but exceedingly windy Cornwall), it wasn't all bad Wednesday was absolutely stunning we could see (and could have walled if I felt the need) all the way around the by to St Ives

Believe it or not David and Abi are also in this picture, all the way down by the water getting water for Sandcastles.

Well we returned home and I am so happy to be back at Bee Crafty, I am so lucky too not everyone looks forward to work after a holiday but I do :).

Well after unpacking and washing (bleuurrrgh) I opened up my craft room and it turns out there are NO tidy up fairies for craft rooms, I left them a note and everything in the hope that in they would come and sort through the mounds of stash left, but alas no and this is how my craft room looks

So I am going to tidy it . . . YES I AM, you see if I keep saying it, it's possible it might just happen, I will upload photos to the Bee Crafty facebook page as progress is made and you can always post pictures of your craft space and we'll sort and tidy together, in fact lets all post pictures of our Craft Rooms/Space/Messy Drawers and we will have a prize draw at the end of the month :)

SO I will set up the album now and don't foget to load your picture :)

Bev x:)

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